Isle of Perdition

Not The Vacation You Wanted

The scientists at Union Harbor Tech really love testing. They’re also mentally unstable and have the resources to do whatever they want, as illegal as it may be.

So now you’re unwillingly a test subject in UHT’s Sociological Experiment #9: Isle of Perdition. 

But you don’t really know that, you just woke up on a tropical island with no explanation and no instructions. All you got was a lousy bag filled with rudimentary supplies, and since all you’ve ever known is the civilized world, what are you supposed to do with that?

You take inventory. It’s a backpack containing a full canteen of water, a small portion of nonperishable foodstuffs, a basic change of clothing, a weapon and a box of matches. Not much, but it’s all useful.

Now it’s you versus everyone else on the island and whatever the scientists decide to throw your way. You’re on your own, good luck. Perhaps you should start by looking for shelter?

UHT will be watching your progress.

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(Gabrielle Union)

NAME: Nelson, Hazel

BIRTHDATE: 09/21/1989


SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

BACKGROUND: Worked as the manager of a department store. Had a long distance boyfriend from Costa Rica. According to collected e-mails, they had been discussing marriage not long before we captured her. We sent him back a notification of ‘breaking up’, so he probably won’t be a problem. Test subject has tenacity and is good at heart, though we did notice she gets a temper when she’s under large amount of stress. Everyone had better watch out for her fire, because there’s no relaxing here. We gave her an array of throwing knives, lets hope she can figure out how to use them.

isle of perditionscience fictionroleplayrpgrppremade femalehazel nelsontest subjectunion harbor tech


(Anton Yelchin)

NAME: Wheeler, Michael

BIRTHDATE: 02/10/1990


SEXUALITY: Undetermined

BACKGROUND: A college student from the east coast of the United States. Thought he had a bright career ahead of him getting his English degree. He didn’t know what he was going to do with it, but he was determined. Very talented with words and language, but on the antisocial and aloof side. Barely had any friends, and was in foster care almost his entire childhood. He probably won’t be missed, especially after we’re done cleaning up. We’ve given him a variety of poisons to use. We think he’ll stay in the shadows and out of sight as much as possible, but maybe he’ll surprise us.

isle of perditionunion harbor techscience fictionpremade malemichael wheelerrproleplayrpg
isle of perditionfollowbrodie o'brian


(Ewan McGregor)

NAME: O’Brian, Brodie

BIRTHDATE: 08/13/1983


SEXUALITY: Undetermined

BACKGROUND: A corporate drone when we found him, seemed to want something more from his life. He was a stock broker, but the state of the economy made potential investors turn and walk away. He quit his job before he was captured, so he won’t be missed. He has a workaholic personality and attention to detail. His observation skills are very impressive. We’ve equipped him with a sniper rifle and a few rounds of ammunition. His perception might be his greatest strength, but in melee combat is likely where he’ll fall.

isle of perditionroleplayrpgrptest subjectunion harbor techbrodie o'brianroster


(John Taylor)

NAME: Cheney, Jack

BIRTHDATE: 05/17/1985


SEXUALITY: Pansexual

BACKGROUND: The bassist of a band from Birmingham. He plays retro ‘indie’ rock, as he calls it, with ‘Sardinia’. That’s the name of the band. He’s confident but we say overly so, though confidence is more than important in this experiment. We think his lack of forethought might be his eventual downfall. We’ve given him a hunting rifle and considerable ammunition. He’s fit and in good condition but we noticed that he has a little bit of a limp. He researched and discovered a car accident from a few years ago in his past. Hopefully that won’t slow him down at a crucial moment.

isle of perditionrosterjack cheneyrprpgroleplayscience fictionunion harbor techtest subject


(Jennette McCurdy)

NAME: Jackson, Donna

BIRTHDATE: 06/22/1993



BACKGROUND: A waitress from California. She was trying to make a temporary living before she could fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. She has a very friendly exterior but she’s also got a quick temper and is prone to having her feelings hurt easily. She can’t take criticism. We’ve given her a pistol and a few rounds of ammunition, she’ll have to be careful how she chooses to use it. She’ll have to toughen up a little bit if she’s going to survive, but she’s determined and that will work to her advantage.

isle of perditionrpgroleplayrppremade femaledonna jacksonscience fictiontest subject


(Tom Hiddleston)

NAME: Frazier, Victor

BIRTHDATE: 02/09/1982


SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

BACKGROUND: A very unsuspecting man from London. He seemed to live an average life, coming home to a girlfriend every evening. He worked as a bartender in a pub. He’s very jovial and humorous, and friendly to everyone he comes across. We even got a chance to speak with him after he caught us following him home from work. He was very polite about everything, he even apologized for thinking we were suspicious. We’ve given him a standard hunting knife, but we don’t think he’ll have the heart to use it. It’s a shame, he’s very likable, but he’s probably not going to last long.

isle of perditionroleplayrprpgscience fictiontest subjectvictor frazierpremade male


(Jennifer Lawrence)

NAME: Winchester, Kate

BIRTHDATE: 05/08/1995


SEXUALITY: Undetermined

BACKGROUND: A runaway from a quaint little town in Colorado. Has issues with authority figures. Very quiet and aloof, doesn’t like to talk to anyone she doesn’t know personally. Clever and resourceful, knows a thing or two about survival. We’ve given her a bow and some arrows to start out. We’re certain she would have clawed our eyes out with her fingernails if we hadn’t sedated her before the capture. High hopes for this one, she’s tough as nails and no nonsense.

isle of perditionroleplayrprpgscience fictiontest subjectkate winchesterpremade female